NEXEN Biomass is a waste processing consulting company. We conduct advanced research in solid feedstock processing and upgrading to respond the needs of bioenergy businesses. NEXEN Biomass is made up of multidisciplinary experts to conduct material standard testing, process analysis and simulation and economic evaluation. NEXEN Biomass answers your question in the path of raw feedstock to conversion. NEXEN offers a team of exerts with the latest knowledge in the following topics:

  • Physical and chemical characterization of biomass
  • Size reduction analysis of feedstock
  • Densification, e.g. pelletization and densification
  • Thermal analysis of feedstock such as drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis, combustion, etc.
  • Thermal and mechanical feedstock upgrading
  • Storage and handling study
  • System assembly
  • Supply chain logistics – modeling and analysis

NEXEN Biomass collaborates with industry and universities to meet the needs of the bioenergy industry. Our research ranges from fundamental laboratory experiments to applied, short-term contract work for companies and other organizations on strategic biomass opportunities.